River Yare Monitoring Station Information:-

This project was started out of curiosity both from a data perspective and a general interest in new technologies. The current scope aims to capture hourly data for the river temperature and air temperature at the river Yare in Brundall. This first release is showing the water and air temperature for the last 7 days (hourly temperature in celsius), the next release will have configurable date options.

The water temperature probe is located 200mm from the river bed and varies in depth from 1m - 1.5m depending on the tide.

The air temperature probe is underneath the riverside chalet and suspended in the air with reasonable air throughput.

Future plans are for a river clarity monitor as well as tide and weather links. If you want any further information or have any feedback/suggestions please email via the contact page.

Items used for this project are:-

     Wemos D1 R2 board

     Arduino IDE (C code stack)

     2 Dallas waterproof temperature probes

     3 x AA battery holder (mini usb)

     IP68 Terminal box